What is sous vide?

Now we're cooking with...Water

What is sous vide? Sous Vide is a cooking process that uses a precisely heated water bath to cook food sealed in a vacuum bag or glass jar. The AnchorChef will circulate heated water around the food you’ve submerged in the water bath. Professional chefs often talk about “heat control” when you’re searing a steak or making an omelette. Now, there’s no need to worry because the AnchorChef can control the temperature of the water down to the degree. Sous vide is easy and takes the worry out of cooking- your omelette isn’t going to burn and your eggs won’t become rubber. What you’re left with is delicious, satisfying, and tender food. Beef tenderloin, tilapia, eggs- you can sous vide whatever you’re hungry for during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Sous Vide Fun Facts

It's Impossible to Overcook Food with the AnchorChef.

The AnchorChef is designed to control the temperature of the water down to the degree. This allows you to control the exact doneness of the food you cook and prevents the food from ever rising above the temperature of the water.

It can make tough cuts of meat more tender.

Even the toughest cuts of meat become tender when cooked with a sous vide machine. Compared to conventional cooking methods, sous vide utilizes longer cooking times to guarantee tenderness. The extra time the meat is exposed to the indirect heat from the water bath breaks down lean, tough cuts of meat, making it juicy and tender like a filet.

Sous Vide is Perfect for vegetables too!

It is simply not true that sous vide is only good for meats. Potatoes, asparagus, you name it, the AnchorChef can cook it.  Get creative with what you make with the AnchorChef!

Sous Vide Makes it Easy to Prepare Meals in Advance

Once a meal is cooked by the Sous Vide machine, you can keep it vacuum sealed in the refrigerator for up to a week. Taking out a pre-prepared steak or pork chop from the fridge for a 30 second sear makes for a much more simple (and delicious) meal compared to pan frying all the way through!