Sous Vide FruitSous vide and charcuterie may not be an obvious pair and are certainly areas of the culinary world that have an artsy reputation. Sous vide fruit is an even further down that rabbit hole. That doesn’t have to be true. Both cooking sous vide and creating charcuterie boards are accessible in the home kitchen. Though they are very different, one being a cooking method and the other a combination of preserved meats, they can work together to create something greater than the sum of their parts.

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Charcuterie boards will always have some common themes, specifically a variety of meats, cheeses, and fruits. Where the AnchorChef sous vide can step up your charcuterie game is the portion of the board that is occupied by beautiful and colorful fresh fruit. Using the AnchorChef to sous vide fruit in some simple syrup can give you soft and deliciously sweet cooked fruit to add to your board, or even a fresh homemade jam depending on how long you cook the fruit. Gently making your own sous vide fruit or jams or jellies with a sous vide like the AnchorChef is less expensive than buying canned options from the store, making charcuterie a much more available option at home.

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While sous vide fruit or jams can be a great addition to your board, it is still wise to balance everything out by including both dried and fresh fruit as well. Below are some ideas to start- a very popular fruit on charcuterie boards is apricots, so try out apricots cooked by the AnchorChef sous vide and let your creativity carry you from there! We want to hear everything you guys try so we can improve too.

Make Sous Vide Apricots for Your Next Charcuterie Board


  • 3 Tbsp Sugar
  • 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice (or other type of acid you like)
  • 2 Tbsp Water
  • 1 Cup of Apricots


  1. For Sous Vide Fruit
  2. -Place your fruit of choice in a vacuum seal bag (in this case apricots)
  3. -Add sugar
  4. -Add water
  5. -Add lemon juice
  6. -Cook fruit at about 160F for 15-30 minutes depending how soft you want your fruit. Some fruits may need much less time too so keep an eye on the fruit as it cooks.
  7. -Empty bag contents in bowl and serve with your favorite charcuterie
  8. For Sous Vide Jam
  9. -Place your fruit of choice in a vacuum seal bag (in this case apricots)
  10. -Add sugar
  11. -Add lemon juice
  12. -Add water
  13. -Cook in the water bath for 2 hours at 190F
  14. -Time it takes to cook varies for fruit. 2 hours at 190F works great for apricots, but softer fruits may
  15. need less time. Check fruit as time goes on.
  16. -Empty bag contents in bowl and serve with your favorite charcuterie
Make Sous Vide Fruit for Your Next Charcuterie Board

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