Our AnchorChef Set

The AnchorChef Set provides you with everything you need to begin cooking like a pro- The Original AnchorChef, Vacuum Pump, and 5 Vacuum bags. One touch vacuum sealing and electronic controls make the Sous Vide process easier than ever before, delivering tender meats, succulent fish, and perfect vegetables.


The Original AnchorChef

Everything starts here. The Original AnchorChef makes for a hands off cooking experience by heating and circulating water around your food. Easy to use electronic controls allow you to choose your desired temperature with precision, switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and set a timer to ensure a whatever you are cooking is done to perfection.


Vacuum Pump

The Vacuum Pump operates with only one button, making it simple to get the vacuum seal you need to begin the sous vide process. The Vacuum Pump is small enough to fit in one hand, ridding of bulky machines which will save you time and counter space.