AnchorChef Sous Vide Immersion CookerVacuum Seal Pump 5-Bag Kit

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The Anchor Chef Vacuum Seal Pump and 5-Bag Kit is the perfect complement to the Anchor Chef Sous Vide Cooker. Create perfectly vacuum-sealed meal portions to make cooking easy in a busy lifestyle. Food stays fresh and the flavor is sealed, ready for sous vide cooking. As a healthy way to cook vegetables, the vacuum seal bags lock in nutrients normally lost when prepared using other methods. Meat stay tender and juicy without drying out, creating the juicest steaks and fish.

  • Rechargeable USB vacuum-seal pump
  • Kit includes 5 vacuum seal bags
  • Vacuum-seal in flavor and nutrients with effortless meal preparation
  • Create conveniently delicious meals with a busy lifestyle
  • Eat clean and control portion sizes for healthier living